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ITER Business Forum 2017, (Mar. 28-30, Palais des Papes, Avignon, France)

T. Inoue, "General Overview of JADA procurement activities"

KSTAR Conference(Jan.18-20, Muju resort, South KOREA)

T. Inoue, "Progress of ITER procurement in Japan - Challenges in Science and Technology -"

Applied Superconductivity Conference (Sept. 4-9, 2016, Denver, USA)

T. Suwa, "The effect of indentation depth on performances of Nb3Sn strands in cable of ITER Central Solenoid"

T. Hemmi, "Development of ITER Troidal Field Coil In Japan"

29th Symposium on Fusion Technology ( Sept. 5-9, 2016, Prague, Czech)

H. Tojo, "Validations of calibration-free measurements of electron temperature using double-pass Thomson
scattering diagnostics from theoretical and experimental aspects"

H. Kajitani "Series Production of ITER Troidal Field Coil Double Pancakes in Japan"

Y. Kojima, "Development of long-pulse high-power-density negative ion beams with a multi-aperture multi-grid

H. Tobari, "Progress on design and manufacturing of dc ultra-high voltage component"

M. Saito, "Irradiation Tests of Radiation Hard Components for ITER Blanket Remote Handling System"

Y. Oda, "Demonstration of Synchronous Control of EC TL Switch and Gyrotron for ITER EC System"

K. Takahashi, "Development of a Direct Mirror Angle Detector for ITER EC Launchers"

1st International Cryogenic Materials Conference in Asia and Cryogenics and Superconductivity Society of
Japan 50th Anniversary Conference (Nov. 7-10, 2016, Kanazawa, Japan)

M. Iguchi, "Development of Cryogenic Structural Materials for ITER Toroidal Field Coil Structure in Japan"
H. Ozeki, "Manufacture and Quality Control of Insert Coil With Real ITER TF Conductor"

The 5th International Symposium on Negative Ions, Beams and Sources (Sept. 12-16, 2016, Oxford, UK)

M. Ichikawa, "Benchmark of single beamlet analysis to predict operational parameter for ITER in Japan - Italy
joint experiments"

N. Umeda, "Long pulse and high power density H- ion beam accelerations for ITER"

41st International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter and Terahertz Waves (Sept. 25-30, 2016, Copenhagen,

T. Kobayashi, "Progress in Developments of High-Power, Long-Pulse and Multi-Frequency ECH/CD System for

R. Ikeda, "Development of multi-frequency gyrotron for ITER and DEMO at QST"

26th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference (Oct. 17-22, 2016, Kyoto, Japan)

N. Umeda, "Development of ultra-high voltage insulation technology for the power supply components in neutral
beam system on ITER"

J. Hiratsuka, "Long-pulse acceleration of 1MeV negative ion beams toward ITER and JT-60SA neutral beam injectors"

K. Itami, "Design Development of the ITER Divertor Diagnos9c Systems in Japan"

R. Ikeda, "Development of Multifrequency Megawatt Gyrotrons for Fusion Devices"

K. Takahashi, "Development of ITER Poloidal Steering Equatorial EC Launcher Enhancing ECC Performance"

Y. Seki, "Progress of Qualification Testing for Full-Scale Plasma-Facing Unit Prototype of Full Tungsten ITER Divertor
in Japan"


Y. Kawano, "Overview of ITPA R&D Activities for Improvement of ITER Diagnostic Performance"