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ITER has been under construction since 2007 at the ITER site located in Saint Paul lez Durance in the South of France. The site area measures 180 ha, within which a 1 km Å~ 400 m platform supports the various buildings required for the manufacture and operation of ITER, such as the Tokamak Complex, RF building, Cryostat Workshop, and PF Coil Winding Facility. Just outside the platform lies the ITER HQ building that houses over 800 ITER employees as well as engineers and researchers from the Domestic Agencies, all of whom are hard at work on ITER.

*The ITER Organization has changed the name of the ITER site previously referred to colloquially as "Cadarache" to the official French commune name "St Paul lez Durance."


Complete view of the ITER site (Jun. 2020)

The ITER Construction Site (Sept, 2020)

ITER’s virtual “Start of Assembly” ceremony (July, 2020)

All of the major components from the domestic agencies have now arrived at the ITER site, marking the official start of ITER assembly.  
To commemorate this momentous occasion, the ITER Organization held a virtual “Start of Assembly” ceremony. Remote participants included French President Macron and other heads of state, government ministers, and officials. (2020.7.28)

Tokamak Complex (June, 2020)

After eight years of hard work, the sign on the wall of the completed tokamak complex reads "We have delivered," an expression of gratitude dedicated to the numerous companies and people who were involved in its construction. (2020.6.15)

Vacuum Vessel (Aug, 2020)

The first of the nine Korean-made ITER vacuum vessel sectors (VVS#6) has arrived at the ITER site. (2020.8.7)

Vacuum vessel (VVS#6) and the tools for its assembly are stored in the assembly hall.(2020.8.10)

VVS#6 out of its case. It will first be paired with a toroidal field coil and heat shield panels and then undergo pre-assembly. (2020.8.20)

Cryostat (Aug, 2020)

The lower cylinder of the cryostat, 30 meters in diameter and weighing 490 tons, after being cleaned and moved from the cryostat workshop to the assembly hall. (2020.8.22)

The cryostat lower cylinder inside the assembly hall. (2020.8.22)

The lower cylinder is transported into the tokamak pit by crane. (2020.8.31)

There is no room for error with only a few millimeters between the tokamak pit and the cryostat. The cryostat being gently lowered into the tokamak pit, making sure that the openings of the cryostat are precisely aligned with those of the bioshield. (2020.8.31)

The second TF coil from the EU is shipped (Aug, 2020)

The second toroidal field coil manufactured in the EU (TF Coil No. 11) left the port of Marghera, Italy, on August 3rd. This is the fourth of the 18 TF coils required for ITER, following the earlier arrival of the first two Japanese TF coils and the first EU-produced TF coil. (2020.8.3)

After arriving in France by sea, the EU-made TF coil No. 2 (TF11) is then loaded onto a giant trailer for the next leg of its journey, a nighttime trip by land. It is scheduled to arrive at the ITER site on September 5th. (2020.8.31)