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Let's Try! Paper crafts


These are paper crafts of ITER, which is currently under construction in Saint Paul les Durance, located in Southern France. Let’s try printing them out on thick A4-sized paper!

ITER Paper Craft (1/300 model)


(Level of difficulty:★★★, Target: 7th and 8th graders (and above), Time to complete: 1-2 hours)

paper_craft_img3 ITER Paper Model pdf How to assemble ITER paper model pdf

Pop-up ITER Paper Craft and Calendar (1/600 model)


(Level of difficulty:★, Target: Grades 1-6 and up, Time to complete: 15 minutes)

Caution:In this activity you will be using a utility knife and scissors. Even though this paper craft is geared toward elementary school students, we ask that you assemble them under adult supervision to avoid any accidents.

paper_craft_img3 Pop-Up ITER Paper Craft (with instructions)pdf ITER Calendar (January 2022-December 2022)pdf