We are listing hotels in Misawa and Hachinohe,Aomori. A shuttle bus service will be available among the Misawa station, the Misawa downtown area and Rokkasho everyday. Thebus time table is to be announced. Please note that you have to book a hotel room by yourself.

Misawa (about 40 km south of Rokkasho)

  • ① Hotel Route-Inn Misawa
  • ② Misawa City Hotel
  • ③ Hotel Grandhill
  • ④ Hoshino Resort Aomoriya (the nearest to Misawa sta.)

Hachinohe (about 60 km and 20 km south of Rokkasho and Misawa, respectively)
Trains (every 30 min or 1 h) are available between Hachinohe and Misawa.

  • ① JR-East Hotel Mets Hachinohe (the nearest to Hachinohe sta.)
  • ② Comfort Hotel Hachinohe
  • ③ Daiwa Roynet Hotel Hachinohe
  • ④ APA Hotel
  • ⑤ Dormy Inn Hon-Hachinohe