What is the issue of the development the power generation blanket?

For fabrication of the power generation blanket structure, reduced activation ferritic/ martensitic steel (RAFM), F82H, is planned to be used. F82H is newly developed for the fusion use. Therefore, the fabrication technology development are conducted.

Succeeded in trial fabrication of a first wall panel mockup !

A mockup of the first wall panel of the power generation blanket was successfully completed by applying HIP technique. HIP conditions were screened preliminary and tentatively selected 1040 deg-C, 150 MPa for 2 hours and then post HIP heat treatment 740 deg-C for 2 hours. By the screened HIP conditions, the mockup was successfully fabricated.

Recent Achievements

The fabricated first wall mockup was tested in High Heat flux test stand (JEBIS). It withstood DEMO relevant surface heat flux conditions. By using the HIP technique, a box structure mockup was also fabricated successfully.

 Further improvement of the HIP technique was completed and clarified the optimum HIP conditions to have increased mechanical strength of the HIP interfaces. Currently the protutype first wall box mockup is under manufacturing.