Development of ITER Shield Blanket

What is the structure of ITER Shield Blanket?

ITER Shield Blanket is modular type structure which is attached in the vacuum vessel like tiles to surround the plasma. Number of modules is about 450. Each unit module is called blanket module (width 2m, height 1m, thickness 0.4m). By applying the modular type structure, maintenability and fabricability are improved.

Legend of blanket modules
Primary Module attached to the major part.
Baffle Module attached to the neighborhood of divertor and avoid reverse flow of the gas from the divertor.
Limiter Module attached to the equatorial port and control shaping of the plasma in startup and shutdown.

What is the structure of the Blanket Module?

The blanket module consists of the first wall which removes surface heat flux from the plasma, the shield block which removes the nuclear heating by the irradiation of neutron and gamma rays and the coolant manifolds which supply and collect coolant to/from the blanket module. Its structure has the complex structure of enough cooling for high heat load and integrity against the strong electro-magnetic force.