Blanket Technology
(Blanket Technology Group)


Success on fabrication of the world’s biggest bimetal module by the application of Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) joining technique ! Fabricated prototype blanket module.

What is fusion “blanket”?

Fusion blanket is placed around the fusion plasma in the vacuum vessel, surrounding the fusion plasma like a blanket. Its major rolls are...

  1. Heat Removal _ Extract heat from the plasma and transfer to the power generation system
  2. Fuel Production _ Produce fusion fuel, tritium
  3. Radiation Shield _ Shield radiation and protect components and human radiation

The blanket which has the functions of heat removal and radiation shield is called “Shield Blanket”. The blanket which has the function of fuel production, as well as heat removal and radiation shield, is called “Breeding blanket”. The breeding blanket which has the function of extraction of high quality heat is called power generation blanket. QST is developing the shield blanket for ITER and also working on the development of the power generation blanket for DEMO.