Message from Director General

Masahiro Mori

Director General
Fusion Research and Development Directorate
Naka Fusion Institute
Japan Atomic Energy Agency

On October 1, 2005, the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute and the Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute were integrated, and the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) has newly sailed on. The old Naka Institute was separated to the Naka Fusion Institute as a research site and the Fusion Research and Development Directorate as a R&D sector, and thereafter research and development will be advanced in the system where securing safety is much more valued than before. The Fusion Research and Development Directorate and the Naka Fusion Institute are going to advance research and development aiming at realization of fusion energy, taking full advantage of the integrated power of JAEA, based on accumulated insights and skills. We would like to play the role as an international center of fusion R&D by comprehensively executing the ITER project that demonstrates fusion burning, and the fusion plasma research that complements ITER project, and the fusion engineering research for the utilization of fusion energy. We would like to hope your continued guidance and support.